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Was there a catastrophic UK wide failure of Virgin Media on Wednesday?

The Internet is a wonderful place but as we see all too often on our forums, it is easy for people to assume that because of a local issue that this is affecting them and their neighbours that it must be affecting millions of others too. Social media is great for checking whether you were specially selected for a poor evening of TV streaming or gaming and invariably if you look at any of the broadband providers with over 1 million customers you will see problems with Wi-Fi, broadband being slow or other issues so is not always the best judge of a much wider issue. Therefore calling out providers for major outages is not an easy game and given some are suggesting that there was a failure across virtually all of the Virgin Media network on the 18th we thought we would share some of our speed test data on how they've performed in the last few weeks.

As you can see from the above plot for the last four weeks speeds did not massively drop on Wednesday 18th and the trends across time are actually pretty consistent. Of course if there was a total loss of service it is possible that the few Virgin Media customers left online could still get their usual speeds and while we have not shared that graph there was no sign of a noticeable proportion of customers dropping off the net with the test volume for the 18th being within 1 standard deviation of the average.

Of course what our data will not show is individual problems affecting just a handful of the many thousands of fibre nodes that Virgin Media has, so for those who have been having connection problems your problem is still real, but until we start to see a measurable dip in speeds we won't be screaming UK wide or regional outage.


Exactly when was this alleged failure supposed to have happened? I certainly didn't notice anything amiss.

  • Pessimist
  • 29 days ago

Also noticed nothing here in N.Ireland

  • BuckleZ
  • 29 days ago

Probably around 7pm -7.45pm as i tried watching the free event theh promoted on Channel 100 as it wasnt working and virgin tech team said it was nationwide but thankfully they ranv me bzck 1 minute into game and told me to swith to channel 538 i think and it was working

  • cornholio005
  • 29 days ago

No outage here either

  • mark_07
  • 29 days ago

I was hit with a higher than normal latency the other day (noticeable particularly when using voice comms) which I can see from my pfsense box in the response time to the node I'm connected to however in games the ping only went up a few milliseconds, I'm on Virgin Media Business so I get notifications of work, and I had one that they were doing works in my area between midnight and 8am 20/10/17 and true to form my connection went down for about 10mins, and actually it *looks* like they've improved ping going by the ping monitors I have setup....will keep my fingers crossed

  • LudaLuke
  • 29 days ago

for reference, seeing the slight drop replicated across the other monitors as well.

  • LudaLuke
  • 29 days ago

This was me on Wednesday

  • fluky
  • 28 days ago

Performance was erratic on Wednesday afternoon although it never dropped out completely.
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  • Davem34
  • 27 days ago

I definitely lost my Virgin Media broadband for over six hours (from 18.00 - 00.30). Fortunately I had my mobile broadband, so was okay. But I have lost it on occasion before for varying periods.

  • tedhunt
  • 26 days ago

I was out, enjoying live music!

  • TrishS
  • 25 days ago

Last Wednesday evening i was on line from 7 p m until 11 p m and i had no problems at all

  • sedge
  • 25 days ago

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