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Plusnet Unlimited Fibre service from £22.99 a month for 18 months

The entry point to upgrading from ADSL services to a FTTC/VDSL2 service has just got a little cheaper. The latest offer that is running until the end of 24th October from Plusnet has its unlimited fibre service at £22.99 per month in low cost areas (when checking your speeds on Plusnet site the price is confirmed based on the area you are in). The contract term is 18 months and there is no £25 activation fee.

The service is an up to 38 Mbps download speed product with up to 1.9 Mbps upload speeds, faster is available if your line supports it but that costs from £29.99 per month (and has a £25 activation fee). If you are an existing Plusnet customer and Openreach GEA-FTTP has been rolled out to your area then you should be able to upgrade to FTTP but may need to chase Plusnet reps on their forums if the checker does not take the order online.

Plusnet still also offers the option of paying voice line rental component in an annual lump sum, which reduces the price a bit more, this is an option available during the sign-up process. The telephone service that is part of the price offer is a pay as you go service for phone calls, but does have free phone calls to other Plusnet customers, if you want a call bundle these can be added.


FTTP is only available as a trial for existing customers and at standard pricing I believe.

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  • 12 months ago

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