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£20 Vodafone fibre service sets light to other broadband offers

If you are in a position of wanting to switch broadband provider then the deal of the year maybe running until 9th October 2017 based on the new pricing from Vodafone which has the VDSL2/FTTC services at 20% off their normal price.

  • Unlimited Fibre 38, £20 per month for 18 months and no setup fee. Up to 38 Mbps download and up to 9.5 Mbps upload speeds
  • Unlimited Fibre 76, £24 per month for 18 months and no setup fee. Up to 76 Mbps download and up to 19 Mbps upload speeds.

This new offer replaces the previous free gift deal and with a simple 20% off it is a lot simpler than complicated cashback or giftcards. The price of the up to 76 Mbps product is also very low and might tempt more people to give the faster service a whirl for 18 months, note if considering this it is only worth ordering if your estimated speeds are above 40 Mbps.

The real shocker is that with the ADSL2+ service at £25 per month and a £24 or £49 setup fee, so there is no excuse for people to not upgrade from ADSL or ADSL2+ to the up to 38 Mbps service.

The aggressive pricing is of course down to Vodafone wanting to grow its customer base and as the weeks passed since its last offer had started the other providers had been creeping down to the £25 price point, the quesiton is which ones will follow down as low as £20 now?


Hi Broadband Watchers.
At last a bit of movement from ADSL to FTTC from vodophone this may I would think give more clawback money going into the various accounts and even help the XTalk thus offering more extended speed.

  • Blackmamba
  • 8 days ago

Try ordering it.. They are just turning people down left right and centre. In my case they said I failed the credit check - yet neither Equifax nor Experian nor Call Credit have a record! ( and I can get new reports daily from all)

  • ZenUser27
  • 6 days ago

Not sure why you said there is no excuse for people not to go with the 38Mb/s service, some people can not get FTTC and Vodafone do not operate in every place. But it is a good price, a bit annoyed really as I just signed up for another 24 month contract with Plusnet and paying a tenner more, still at least I know with Plusnet their services is pretty good, i could have gone with Talk Talk I suppose, oh, on second thoughts maybe not.

  • zyborg47
  • 5 days ago

"so there is no excuse for people to not upgrade from ADSL or ADSL2+ to the up to 38 Mbps service"

You have no upgrade path if VDSL2 not available to you, so its not an excuse in the personal sense, but a failure of the network operators to give you the option.

Vodafone used to say full VDSL2 footprint, i.e. backhaul at all the handover nodes, if that's not the case, tell us a node they don't deliver from.

Will add a few more paragraphs of caveats next time.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 5 days ago

Not sure why people have such a hang up about Talk Talk. I've got it - it works just as well as other FTTC services coming to my house.

  • ZenUser27
  • 4 days ago

Well i've bit the bullet and just signed up, £10 a month cheaper (for 18 months) than Plusnet who i'm with now for the same product.

  • cuzuk
  • 3 days ago

@andrew, oh you mean upgrade from Vodafone ADSL to vodafone fibre, I see now, in that case i agree, to a certain degree, but this price will only be for 18 months and then it will go back to normal price, so then it will be costing more than ADSL. Also i have known two households that have gone back to ADSL as it was more reliable than FTTC.

So swings and roundabouts.

  • zyborg47
  • 3 days ago

@ZenUser27, i am sure Talk Talk works ok when it is working, but the problem comes getting customer service to sort things out or getting them to understand. also, they was hack by a kid, do not give my much confidence to be honest.

  • zyborg47
  • 3 days ago

So much for TalkTalk hack, BT was hacked last week but there sweeping it under the carpet.

  • cks22
  • 3 days ago

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