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IPv6 available over ADSL

The ISP Andrews & Arnold is now offering an IPv6 service for its ADSL customers. IPv6 is a new IP allocation scheme which uses 128 bits to define the IP address rather than the current 32 bit system with IPv4. The big advantage is that this means the rationing that exists on IPv4 addresses may dissappear in the future.

At present IPv6 the implementation A&A will be using works over the existing ADSL infrastructure via an IPv4 tunnel onto a linux box or appropriate IPv6 router/gateway. A&A is able to offer a /48 allocation at no extra cost - this means a mere 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 IP addresses.

A&A has never been the cheapest ISP on the block, but has often offered options a long time in advance of other ISPs. The hope is that IPv6 will mean that people running small LANs will all have the option of giving each PC a globally unique IP address and thus be fully visible on the internet - i.e. to banish the problems of running applications behind a NAT device, the only downside would be ensuring each PC was secure.


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