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A post in Our forums has pointed out that BT is set to start converting ISDN to adsl..
The post, in full:

"BT is trialing a facility to enable a customer with a BT ISDN2 or Home/Business Highway line to convert this to a BT provided single exchange line over which an ADSL based Broadband Service can be delivered (subject to line test).

I've just been informed by BT that this trial will now be expanded to cover all of the 516 ADSL enabled exchanges.

Standard connection charges for the new Exchange Line will be charged by BT - £99 (inc Vat for residential customers and exc. VAT for business customers).

The lead-time for BT to convert the existing ISDN2 or Home/Business Highway to a Broadband enabled single Exchange Line is 15 working days."

Thanks to Iain from Nildram for this information.
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