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ISPA reveals Award Winners for 2017 ISPAs

The Internet Hero and Internet Villain of 2017 have been announced along with category winners at the annual Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA) awards. This year saw over over 50 companies nominated in 17 categories to honour  Internet Providers in the UK.

Winner for 2017 Award for Internet Hero

  • Marcus Hutchins, @MalwareTechBlog: for finding the WannaCry killswitch, shining a light on the tech community’s fight against cyber crime

Winner for 2017 Award for Internet Villain

  • President Erdogan: for cracking down on online freedom of expression, including blocking Wikipedia and social media
The 2017 ISPAs Winners
Best Superfast BroadbandBest Business Broadband
Hyperoptic Venus Business Communications
Winning best superfast broadband for a fifth year in a row, the judges felt Hyperoptic’s refusal to stand still and continual network expansion made them worthy winners. The judges were impressed with Venus’ resilience and improved provision, and for bringing extremely high speeds to the business-critical London area
Best Rural BroadbandBest Wireless
Gigaclear Luminet
In what was an exceptionally strong category in which any of the entrants would have been worthy winners, Gigaclear’s pioneering approach in delivering FTTP made them stand out from the pack Luminet’s flexible contracts, ranging from 24 hours to 36 months, strong SLAs, down time credit policy downtime policy impressed the judges.
Best HostBest Wholesale Broadband
Storm Internet Zen Internet
The judges were particularly impressed by Storm Internet’s customer escalation, encryption and sustainability, offsetting carbon emissions. The judges were impressed with Zen’s wholesale FTTP network which is challenging the largest providers, two-way engagement with partners and long staff tenure
Best HardwareBest Tech Law Firm
Linksys Velop Kemp Little LLP
The Linksys Velop Whole-Home Wi-Fi solution is a premium product that enables users to get the most out of their broadband, with good accessibility, usability and support for innovative technologies, such as the Internet of Things.  Kemp Little’s focus on providing legal advice around cutting-edge innovative technology, and clear demonstration of knowing the sector, gave them the leading edge.
Best Marketing CampaignBest VoIP
Talk Straight Ltd (Schools Broadband) - Discovery Kids Telappliant
TalkStraight’s “Discovery Campaign” took the prize for its multichannel approach, impressive RoI and clear campaign outcomes. Telappliant took home the best VoIP Award for its flexibility of services, wide range of pricing and support for carrier preselect on rural areas.
Executive of the YearBest Cloud Service
Dana Tobak, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Hyperoptic Storm Internet
In this inaugural category, CEO of Hyperoptic Dana Tobak won for driving innovation and the industry forward for more than 10 years, securing investment and growing ISP businesses For offering value for money with innovative pricing, free content distribution network and a modern virtualisation policy, Storm Internet retained their Best Cloud Service award for a second year running.
Best Consumer Customer ServiceBest Business Customer Service
Wifinity Limited catalyst2
For the second year running, the judges awarded Wifinity the best consumer service thanks to their fast email answer time, high customer satisfaction rates, staff investment and full refund for any service outages. A regular ISPA Awards winner, the judges felt that catalyst 2’s tailored solutions, proactivity and commitment to going the extra mile to fix problems not always part of their hosting package made them served winners.
Security Award
Talk Straight
Operating in a safety critical and constantly evolving environment of educational establishments, the judges felt that TalkStraight’s innovation and seamless integration made them stand from the other entrants.


so 2 ISPs who have really small footprints won. Nothing dodgy there then..

  • ZenUser27
  • 11 months ago

Again Zen, FTTP yes great - for very few people. Long staff retention - well that's a joke, a lot of Zen staff went to TTB last year.

As for 2 way engagement, with who? Call them and that's certainly not the case. Must mean B2B - which is not a part of it anyway!

  • ZenUser27
  • 11 months ago

Zen won in the Best Wholesale Category, so yes it is talking about B2B

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 11 months ago

@ZenUser27 I'm more than happy to engage with any of our customers. Feel free to PM me via the forums and I'll happy provide my contact details.

As for long staff retention, we have excellent staff retention. I'm in my 14th year here at Zen and they are many who have worked here for similar periods or longer.

Andrew Sayle
Broadband Product Manager
Zen Internet

  • ajays
  • 11 months ago

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