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Gigaclear announced as winner of final CDS phase two project

Connecting Devon and Somerset has now announced the winner of lot 1 in its phase II BDUK superfast broadband procurrement programme and the winner is Gigaclear in a project that is investing £10.3 million to deliver full fibre (FTTP/FTTH) to some 6,500 premises across Bath and North East Somerset plus North Somerset.

The commercial investment from Gigaclear amounts to £7.8 million and as this is Gigaclear full fibre this will mean symmetric speeds all the way to 1000 Mbps and this should mean that those premises are future proof for a number of decades in terms of broadband access.

We’re delighted to win this contract to build this completely new, full fibre broadband network in North Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset. It will be socially and economically transformative, delivering speeds up to 33 times faster than the UK average and crucially for business the upload speeds are just as fast.

Joe Frost, Business Development Director at Gigaclear

We looked at what phase one via BT has delivered so far across Devon and Somerset a couple of weeks ago and while the exact deployment areas are not known, we can say that these 6,500 premises represent 0.67% of the premises in Devon and Somerset, and while this seems small when combined with the other lots that have gone to AirBand and Gigaclear we should see the two counties combined coverage for superfast pushing on to the 95% level. What is interesting to note is that the size of the Lot 1 contract is almost identical to the number of premises with access to only a sub 10 Mbps service in North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset areas.


No surprise that nothing has appeared on the CDS website about this.

  • Somerset
  • about 1 year ago

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