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New Openreach logo to appear over next few years

Never overlook the power of branding, and with the BT part of the Openreach being dropped those providers who have avoided the GEA-FTTP product range might show a little more interest, or at least it is one less excuse to not sell it i.e. branding confusion due to the BT Openreach logo on ONT etc.

A timeline to eradicate the existing BT Openreach has been announced by Openreach CEO Clive Selley today and this should start to be visible soon as the first tranche of vans to be re-skinned is expected this July and then in various stages will the old logo vanish until in April 2021 it is expected that all the things like workwear, ID cards, buildings and the 22,000 vans in the Openreach fleet will have switched to the newer simpler logo.

Openreach Branding on Van

New Openreach Branding

A brand update of course could be done a lot faster but by spreading it out over a number of years the costs can be reduced, e.g. rather than recalling all workwear, simply phasing in the new workwear as old workwear is only good for clothers recycling.

The driver for the change is the Digital Communications Review where a final agreement was reached with Ofcom in March 2017 and letters have gone out to the 580 communications providers than Openreach deals with. 


More ridiculous corporate extravagance. They could have peeled off the bit that says BT and sent all their staff unpickers for their uniforms to do the same to the embroidery and invested the money they spent on this 'new brand' into the network.

  • M100
  • 11 months ago

I agree in part with m100 but this will certainly be what the regulator would want.

  • ethicalme
  • 11 months ago

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