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ISPA reveals shortlist for Internet Villain and Internet Hero Awards

The Internet Hero and Internet Villain awards which have had a period of public submission so people could nominate people, companies or Government in each of the two categories now have had their final shortlists published. The ISPA Council will now decide on who the eventual winners are meeting ahead of the ISPA Awards which are taking place on Thursday 13th July at Café de Paris. Of course with the awards being in Central London we can expect no social media activity at the awards since London is a digital back water!

Nominations for 2017 Award for Internet Hero

  • Marcus Hutchins, @MalwareTechBlog: for finding the WannaCry killswitch, shining a light on the tech community’s fight against cyber crime
  • Mark Jackson, the editor of ISP Review: for providing a helpful, user-friendly guide to the ISP market for the last 18 years for consumers and industry alike
  • National Cyber Security Centre: for stepping up Government’s cyber security capabilities
  • Global Network Initiative & Access Now: for an international campaign highlighting the huge economic cost and social impact of internet shutdowns around the world

Nominations for 2017 Award for Internet Villain

  • WannaCry hackers: for the ransomware attack      that hit a fifth of NHS trusts
  • Treasury and the Valuation Office Agency: for adding to the cost of broadband rollout with its excessive business rates revaluation
  • Russia's communications regulator: for threatening to ban encrypted messaging apps
  • President Erdogan: for cracking down on online freedom of expression, including blocking Wikipedia and social media

The Internet Hero and Villain awards are a fun and light-hearted way of recognising the great and good (and the not so good) in the Internet Industry. With Brexit looming, the UK’s thriving digital economy has never been more important, which is why we at ISPA are so pleased to recognise those who enable and drive the UK’s digital economy. The rather less coveted “Internet Villain” award is also a valuable opportunity to look at those who hinder this vital industry. We at ISPA look forward to finding out who will win on the evening of July 13th.

ISPA Secretary General Nicholas Lansman

The winners in the main categories have already being decided by a meeting of the judges panel in June after the technical testing and shortlisting that saw some categories with over a dozen entrants whittled down to five or six entrants for the judges to consider for the actual award.


Why has PlusNet not been added to internet villain for it's poor speed overall. On their up to 40Mbps speed I get 22Mbps. And yes I know some people can get even lower speeds. But come on with the quality of the fibre cables I should get at least 30Mbps!

  • jhchicks_853
  • over 3 years ago

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