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Week 8 - The Truth is Out There...

Two months into the life of the demand tracker system and strange things are happening. The week has seen a lot of shuffling around in the top 10, with Westhoughton (71%) gaining 107 registrations in just a week!

Todmorden (61%) is a cause for concern though, Ian Buckley of Zen Internet has the following to say on the matter: "We took 14 pre-registrations over the weekend for Todmorden exchange. The submissions were made in two blocks from two IP addresses in quick succession. This leads me to question whether or not the dramatic increase in pre-registrations seen for Todmorden exchange are legitimate". This suggests one of two things, someone at a campaign site is forwarding registrations or more likely someone is attempting to fiddle the figures. The Todmorden exchange is currently sitting at 186 registrations on the BT internal system - 14 short of its target, if nothing else it should show how long the public system takes to update.

If people are trying to register false demand then it is going to back fire, since once the trigger level is hit then ISPs have just 6 weeks to convert 75% or more of the registrations into orders. Also BT are reserving the right to remove ISPs from the scheme who constantly submit bad data, which with the small number of ISPs actively taking an interest in the scheme would be a disaster. If BT consistently find that exchanges are failing to meet the 75% trigger then it is likely that the scheme will end up changing again, perhaps with a deposit system to try and ensure registrations are true interest.

This weeks top 10 is shown below as usual:

Rank Exchange Name Registrations Trigger Last Change
1 Westhoughton 249 (71%) 350 Monday 26 August 2002
2 Hawkwell 173 (24%) 700 Monday 26 August 2002
3 Kesgrave 169 (48%) 350 Saturday 17 August 2002
4 Irby 163 (40%) 400 Monday 26 August 2002
5 Pill 156 (39%) 400 Monday 26 August 2002
6 Alton 155 (44%) 350 Monday 26 August 2002
7 Goring 148 (32%) 450 Monday 26 August 2002
8 Hillside 141 (31%) 450 Monday 26 August 2002
9 Bradford-On-Avon 133 (33%) 400 Monday 26 August 2002
10 Worle 131 (32%) 400 Monday 26 August 2002


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