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Right time for a pop at BT? - <b>updated</b> has jumped onto a recent Channel 4 news item and is saying it can provide via Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) a high speed internet service on a BT exchange if they can find 25-50 interested people willing to pay the business user tariffs or 150 plus users on the £30/month product. has existed since 1986 mainly servicing the public, voluntary, ethical and membership sectors. They are different from most service providers as they are a cooperative looking to use the Internet to change things.

In terms of getting together enough people, the top 300 exchanges on the tracker all stand a good chance. The real question is whether an exchange can get together the 25-50 business users needed when the basic product (Office Standard 500) costs £79 per month or a mixture of home and business users, 50 business users equates to over 150 users on the Home tariff. These figures are not that different from the Easynet LLU product range, the difference is that Easynet are adding their service only to BT enabled DSL exchanges, whereas poptel are happy to enable fresh exchanges.

Alan Mills from has confirmed that they are looking to work with the various local campaigns that are going on - the full details can be read in our forums here.

This won't be the last LLU service to appear over the next few months. The first service provider to get the balance between price and willingness to enable exchanges just right is likely to become very popular, very quickly.


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