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Fancy a bit of gaming?

ADSLguide is now happy to provide you with various game servers for you to enjoy on your lag free broadband connections.

Counter-Strike servers are as follows:

Server Name IP Address
[ - CS 01 (full rotation)]
[ - CS 02 (cs maps)]
[ - CS 03 (de maps)]
[ - CS 04 (popular maps)]
[ - CS 05 (de_dust)]
[ - CS 06 (de_dust + dust2)]

Jedi Knight II servers:

Server Name IP Address
[ - JK2 01 (FFA)]
[ - JK2 02 (FFA, saber only)]

All servers are 20 players, so hopefully there should be enough room for everyone. Please feel free to try them out and tell your friends. Any suggestions of improvements, different settings, or different games are most welcome in the talk to the staff / gaming forums on our message boards


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