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Sky doubles fibre penetration in last quarter

Sky has released its results for the nine month period to the 31st March 2017 but they reveal very little in terms of broadband numbers, the key figure is that fibre penetration (take-up) is running at 24% of the providers customers. Exactly how many broadband customers have been added is not revealed, though overall Sky added 40,000 customers to reach a total of 12.7 million customers.

The last firm figure for the number of broadband customers for Sky in the UK was from the previous results at 6,107,000, which even if they gained no broadband customers means they have some 1,465,680 customers on the VDSL2 services. There is/was a handful of people on the Sky UFO York trial, and one or two sightings of people who may have Openreach GEA-FTTP.

The financial results gives us an opportunity to share some data from the Sky customer speed tests during Q1/2017, the ratio of ADSL versus FTTC customers that we see is in favour of the FTTC user base where 40% of the Sky tests we see are on a FTTC product, a good chunk higher than the financial results suggest, but given people who have had ADSL2+ for years will most likely know how it performs and people with FTTC will be keen to see how their new connection behaves this is no great surprise.

Click image for larger version
Click image for larger version The two FTTC/VDSL2 graphs clearly show the relative popularity of the up to 76 Mbps VDSL2 variant
Click image for larger version
Click image for larger version Steps are due to 0.1 Mbps resolution as a result of processing data and not any IP Profile type system as some may think


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