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1000's in Thurrock set to gain option of Gigabit broadband

With installation set to start this summer some 1,700 tenants in 12 developments across Thurrock are set to start enjoying ultrafast broadband from Hyperoptic.

"We are very pleased to be teaming up with Hyperoptic to help every resident in council accommodation have the same access the fastest broadband speed available in the UK today, as those living in private properties.

The Council is neither financially up nor down through this work, but it has supported Hyperoptic develop an affordable package to areas which are highly populated in a bid to keep hundreds of Thurrock residents better connected.

Cllr Shane Hebb, Portfolio Holder for Finance and Legal at Thurrock Council

The 12 clusters are Arthur Toft, George Crooks and Lionel Oxley House, Bevan and Morrison House Brisbane, Freemantle and Tasmania House, Butler, Davall and Greenwood House, Chieftan Drive, Clayburn Gardens, Cranell Green George Tilbury, Gooderham and Poole House, Keir Hardie House, Marine and River Court, Perth House, Seabrooke Rise.

In addition to the usual 20/1, symmetric 100 Mbps and symmetric 1000 Mbps services an additional 'light' package will be offered priced at just £9/month with a 5 Mbps download speed.

All the developments apart from Perth House have superfast VDSL2 at speeds over 24 Mbps already, so getting early adopters to switch may prove more challenging than areas that only have ADSL2+ available, not because they don't want to but that many may be tied into existing contracts. Of course a big factor with Hyperoptic is that if you buy a service you get connected at the speed purchased and the 100 Mbps symmetric service at £35/m is cheaper than many out of contract VDSL2 services. Perth House is in a cluster of exchange only lines, but Virgin Media does cover the building and we have seen speed tests within the postcode from Virgin Media customers.


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