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KCOM gains its 40,000 Lightstream customer

KCOM has announced who the 40,000th customer was, and it is Teri Harrison in east Hull and comes among the race towards 75% full fibre coverage for the City by the end of 2017.

"Like everyone else these days I do a lot online. I do internet shopping, play Xbox One Live, keep in touch with my family on social media, download games for my three year old nephew and do a lot of research online too.

I’m hoping to pass my driving test soon so I’ve also been looking online for car insurance quote. So much of what we do is now online that it’s just a way of life. You need to be online.

Since I’ve had Lightstream installed it’s been brilliant. I’ve got an unlimited package, so I keep having my family popping around to use it and everything’s so fast. It’s really good for online gaming.

Teri Harrison, 40,000th Lighstream customer

Our tracking has a few more postcodes to add from the last 24 hours, but the City is sitting on the verge of 50% coverage at superfast and ultrafast speeds.

The 75% target should mean that Lightstream will be available to some 150,000 premises across the city and the surrounding area that KCOM service.

The KCOM press release suggests that Hull will be cemented as the ultrafast capital of the UK, which if you believe that ultrafast speeds can only be delivered by full fibre would be the case, but the level of presence of Virgin Media DOCSIS cable broadband in many cities and council areas (100 out of the 407 regions/nations/councils/counties) means they surpass this level today and while the 300 Mbps product which ticks the Ofcom ultrafast definition is not available everywhere, the 200 Mbps standard top tier is something most people would consider as an ultrafast connection.


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