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6,000 businesses set to gain option for ultrafast broadband in Southend-on-Sea

Southend-on-Sea businesses are set to gain a new ultrafast broadband option with the launch of the CityFibre and Onecom project to roll-out a metro network across the area with the potential to connect 6,000 businesses.

The core of the project is built around a partnership with the local council that is connecting some 120 public sector sites and in the building of this network CityFibre also plan to pass near to as many business premises as possible.

"We are excited to introduce ultrafast full-fibre broadband across the Borough. Connectivity is a critical issue for today’s businesses; improved connectivity is a massive boost for our town’s investment which supports the council’s commitment to sustainable economic growth and improved opportunity for all."

Councilor John Lamb, Leader Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

The big question and we won't know until businesses start to sign-up is how popular the service will be, one danger with roll-outs like this is that the council may start to believe that ultrafast broadband is available across the borough and not address the residential and very small business sector that only wants to pay £20-30 per month for faster broadband. We have no doubt that the ultrafast options from CityFibre will undercut the traditional leased and Ethernet business services price wise.

CityFibre in its press release states 'CityFibre’s networks address 28,000 public sites, 7,800 mobile masts, 280,000 businesses and 4 million homes, the four million homes is not using the traditional homes passed metric, but means that 280,000 businesses and 4 million homes are within a few hundred metres of the metro network, fortunately Openreach has not joined this PR battle with a similar metric for its Fibre on Demand service. Hopefully no other large providers in other countries are doing similar and making us in the UK believe we are falling behind others.


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