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Exmoor Technology improves broadband in Devon and Somerset

The connection voucher schemes may not have connected millions, but as a way of helping those most in need in as quick as possible fashion they are proving vital and Exmoor Technology has announced that it has now connected over 200 properties using 4G tech in Devon and Somerset.

The voucher scheme in Devon and Somerset has driven a lot of the demand, but there are no new applications until coverage plans via the phase 2 superfast contracts in the area have been finalised (likely to re-open April 2017). Importantly, those who have used a voucher are not excluded from any subsequent roll-outs.

"The success of the scheme highlights developments within the industry that present innovative and exciting opportunities in the delivery of broadband services. The success of the scheme was recognised in September by the Prime Minister and I’m happy Exmoor Technology are able to share in this success. The delivery of 200 4G connections makes up a high proportion of the 700 total connections made to date, and I am extremely pleased that a local business is making such a significant contribution, ensuring residents and businesses have access to best possible broadband speeds."

Councillor David Hall from Connecting Devon & Somerset

While many people complain about 4G coverage, it looks as if Devon and Somerset are doing well and Exmoor Technology say that so far only 4 locations have failed to obtain a 4G signal giving speeds in excess of 10 Mbps (one of the criteria for voucher use is the connection should be faster than 10 Mbps). EE whose network is used claim 94% geographic coverage of Devon and Somerset is only slightly behind.

One reason why Exmoor Technology can get good 4G coverage is the use of external antenna mounted on the outside of the property, this generally means you can gain some elevation and better signal strength - the vouchers where are worth up to £500 neatly cover the costs of this work and hardware. One problem of 4G so far in terms of adoption for massed Internet access is usage allowances, but Exmoor Technology does have some better plans than your usual high street fayre with 64GB of data for £30 per month, and can go all the way to 200GB. As with most 4G services the service is CGNAT based, but business has the option of a a public IP but the business product is more expensive at a cost of £2 per GB.


This sounds like fixed-4G being done the right way.

I see from Exmoor-Tech's website that they also do a "Hosted DSL" package, where a friendly homeowner in an 80/20 area hosts a line and a wireless backhaul for you.

We've often proposed that solution for people, but it is the first time I've seen it offered commercially. And available to CDS voucher users.

  • WWWombat
  • about 1 year ago

I'm in Scotland, and I'm now use EE's 4G service for everything at home. I have 2x 50GB SIM cards, a Teltonika RUT950 router, and an omnidirectional antenna attached to my TV aerial pole. Cost is £60 month, so not cheap, but I do get in excess of 80Mb down and 40Mb up. CGNAT is a pain though - dynamic IP that's not public routable. Still, with those speeds, it's worth it.

  • jimwillsher
  • about 1 year ago

£2 per GB! God's teeth!

  • CecilWard
  • about 1 year ago

CGNAT is just utterly ridiculous. Go IPv6 and be done with it. Protocol conversion to IPv4 can be achieved successfully and there have been IPv6-only users using it for a good while now to access IPv4-only services.

  • CecilWard
  • about 1 year ago

@CecilWard Yeah but what are people to do?
Same for me (although I didn't use a voucher).
I get 64GB for £29. But I get 30Mbps down and 10 up which is way better than my ADSL at 1.7/0.4

  • ahockings
  • about 1 year ago

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