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BT Consumer tests making out of contract costs a little more visible

Keeping package listings up to date is a constant game and we spotted a change on the BT broadband package pages on Monday 6th February, namely that they were making the out of contract cost visible. Usually if you dig enough through the footnote expanders you can work it out, but the new call-out makes it very obvious what the cost is if you remember after the 12 month minimum term.

Hardly a news story one could say but with the changes to the rules around broadband advertising in Autumn 2016 some had hoped that this and other things like making providers be clear and upfront about upload speeds would become more common. The reason we have headlined with the word 'tests' is that different browsers on the same PC and connection give different results, indicating that BT Consumer is A/B testing the effect of the change.

Chrome Browser - Click image for larger version
Firefox Browser - Click image for larger version
Internet Explorer Browser - Click image for larger version

A/B testing on providers product pages is not new, but it does risk confusion as people may browse a deal on their phone/tablet as the result of a search triggered by a TV advert, but complete the purchase on a different device.

I think most people agree it would be a good move for all providers to make it clear what the out of contract price is before they embark down the path of sharing any personal information. The advertising landscape has changed so 3 or 6 month discounts on a 12, 18 or 24 month contract are now rare. Other changes in the last year or so has been less 'vouchers', more expensive migrations and call bundles shrinking, as providers attempt to keep headline pricing as low as possible - this does not always work hence the various price rises at the retail level.


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