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Gigabit broadband for housing development delivered by Hyperoptic

The development known as Bellway at QEII in Welwyn Garden City are set to have zero worries about their broadband when they move into their new homes. The Gigabit broadband provider Hyperoptic has announced its first housing development to benefit from their pure fibre service and residents will get to enjoy three months free Gigabit broadband and phone line as part of the deal.

"For today’s modern family, having a reliable fast broadband connection is an essential utility that is prioritised in the same league as good schools, a safe neighbourhood and strong transport links. Having a full fibre connection makes a home more attractive for prospective family buyers. The difference between an ADSL connection and our full fibre service is like night and day – we have had phenomenal feedback from customers as we have extended our footprint across the length and breadth of the UK."

Steve Holford, Chief Customer Officer, at Hyperoptic

The prices of properties start at £319,995 for a 2 bedroom coach house and rise to £484,995 for a four bedroom property at current pricing and details of the estate are at

Until now Hyperoptic has delivered to apartment blocks across the UK, so branching out to new developments is a significant change and gives developers another option if they want to ensure residents have decent broadband. All too often in the past (less so now but still happens) developers would simply assume BT via Openreach would solve the problem, but as many people buying homes have found there is no obligation on Openreach or the developer to ensure decent broadband is available, and for people spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on what may be a 40 year commitment this is a bad state of affairs.

No doubt there will be people excited of the prospect of Hyperoptic coming to their street, but we would warn caution delivering to a new development where the builder is on board is very different to bringing fibre to the premises where they have been built for a number of years.


Bellway is the name of the housing developer, rather than the name of the development.

  • Icaras_
  • about 1 year ago

For £319k for a 2 bed coach house I'd expect broadband for free for life not just 3 months!
Saying that, good to see FTTP/H making more inroads.

  • pgre
  • about 1 year ago

"For £319k for a 2 bed coach house I'd expect broadband for free for life" And in this far from "posh" area of south London (SW9 Stockwell) you might just manage to find a run down one bed flat or studio!

  • MCM999
  • about 1 year ago

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