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Price changes over at EE on ADSL2+ and call charges

The previous free fibre connection offer from EE has ended and this coincides with the ADSL2+ offer price changing from £19.50 to £21 per month for the 18 month minimum term (standard price is £28.50 per month).

The entry level fibre (VDSL2) service remains the same at £28.50 per month, but the up to 76 Mbps download (up to 19 Mbps upload) product is now just £32.50 per month for the 18 month minimum term (£40.50 per month after the 18 month contract). The £25 fibre connection fee applies.

The £7 router delivery charge for the Brightbox still applies, but some non-weekend calls are increasing from 11.5p to 12.5p per minute, and calls to mobiles are increasing from 14p to 15p per minute. Anytime landline and mobile call package costs £6.50 per month.


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