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Week 6 - will all the cities ever get ADSL?

Many of the press stories you see on ADSL rollout show tranquil pictures of cows grazing in fields, the reality being very different

The City of Ely, Cambridgeshire is languishing with just 25 out of the 350 registrations required by BT to enable the exchange. Ely isn't massive with a population of around 14,000. One only has to look at the names on the Demand Tracker Data list to see that it's not just villages with 1000-2000 residents that are without broadband. The fact that much of the press described anywhere without ADSL as 'rural' is covering up the fact that a great many of the UK's towns are without ADSL access and often no other form of affordable broadband.

On the topic of this week's top ten exchange registrations: (To help show the relative levels we have calculated the percentage of registrations for each exchange. Where no trigger level is set, we have assumed 750.)

Rank Exchange Name Registrations Trigger % of trigger
1 Pill 129 Not Set 17.2%
2 Hillside 122 Not Set 16.3%
3 Goring 120 Not Set 16%
4 Kesgrave 99 350 28.3%
5 Pembury 98 Not Set 13%
6 Irby 94 400 23.5%
7 Connahs Quay 89 400 22.3%
8 Worle 86 400 21.5%
9 Alton 82 Not Set 10.9%
10 Littleborough 80 400 20%
See the full list here.

Two exchanges that do not quite make the top 10 yet but worthy of mention are, Penn with 71 registrations ( 35.5% ) and Todmorden with 65 registrations ( 32.5% ). At the current rate these two exchanges look likely to to be the ones that will discover how the next stage of the process works in practice. Pill is showing very odd behaviour being over a week since it last increased, raising questions of foul play?

At present our demand tracker has data on 1601 exchanges (1516 listed at present) with a total of 23,745 registrations. 408 of the exchanges listed have trigger levels and these account for 16,350 of the registrations. The difference with the 32,000 registrations claimed by BT Wholesale is probably due to the remaining 9,000 registrations spread being over the 3,200 exchanges we don't have numbers for yet.


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