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BT Openworld to launch 'Line Only' product

The word on the street is that on the 3rd of September 2002, BT Openworld will officially launch their 'Line Only' product, with an activation fee of £65 inc VAT and a pricey £29.99 inc VAT a month.

The BT Openworld Line Only product is different from their current Home 500 product in that you won't have to purchase the BT Openworld hardware package. A trial has been running for this product for a while and the triallists have until 30th September to cancel, otherwise they will default over onto a 12 month contract which is the standard contract term.

The reason for the delay compared to other ISPs was to allow the BT Openworld helpdesk to determine the best way to support users with widely varying types of hardware, a service which has been of dubious quality throughout the past two years. Lets hope the trial has taught the company a few lessons. At £29.99 a month, the service is overpriced and certainly not competing with other service providers. For considerably less money, it is possible to obtain both single and blocks of static IP addresses from other ISPs. The static IP option is available with BT Openworld, at a price of £10/month which makes it one of the most expensive Home 500 products on the market.

BT Openworld has also sent out a flurry of press releases this week, in quick summary:

BT Openworld 2-Way Satellite Service: First 1000 new customers before 30th September save £250 on installation, also options are available to spread the hardware costs over 2 or 3 years. The 2 year plan works out at £144.47 per quarter, plus the monthly fee of £59.99 for the single computer service. The service is likely to appeal to businesses who are looking for a reasonable bandwidth permanent connection, but other broadband access methods are unavailable.

BT Openworld Partnerships: BT Openworld has an ever growing list of partner and special interest sites some of which are,,, and

Joint BT Openworld and Microsoft Initiative: A content sharing partnership with the Microsoft Small Business Advice site


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