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Openreach appear to have broken their where and when fibre checker

It looks as if some Friday finger trouble may have struck Openreach, as following on from people mentioning odd messages some further checking of the Openreach Where and When site reveals it appears that many (and maybe all) cabinets that are not live with VDSL2 broadband are showing a message saying the cabinet is live but demand is high.

7589-openreach-checker-error-thumb.png Click image to zoom in

So the message might cause some people to get excited, so if you were waiting for your cabinet to go live shortly it is probably safer to assume that your cabinet is not live, but carry on with your regular checking. An indicator that the message for a particular lookup is broken is indicated by the '-' in the technology section, this status usually only occurs for premises that are on an enabled cabinet but too far away for VDSL2 to work. For cabinets and FTTP areas that are live and taking orders the checker appears to be working fine.

Update 6:30pm We received the following statement on the issue at 5:30pm

"We're keen to give people more information when our engineers are carrying out maintenance on our fibre cabinets, so we've been making some tweaks to our fibre checker.

One of our updates yesterday didn't quite go according to plan, so we've rolled it back and the checker should be working smoothly again now

Openreach spokesperson


They are always breaking it, the amount of times I have reported them and not even a thanks.
The classic one is when they do a huge change and upload an invalid SSL Certificate.

The only thanks I got was when I reported one of their cabinets had been broken into.

  • PaulKirby
  • over 4 years ago

Also I have seen the '-' as the Technology used when they are also too far from their cabinet, but they mention the distance issue in the left section.

  • PaulKirby
  • over 4 years ago

They may have fixed it now, my local cabinet went from Building to Accepting orders for a few hours.
It's now back to Building.
Fortunately I grabbed a screen shot, as that may have been the last time in my lifetime that it appears live.

  • Thumper
  • over 4 years ago

@Thumper Yeah I normally do the same when I see something that might not be there later on.

  • PaulKirby
  • over 4 years ago

I wonder if this is why BT retail is saying i can order fibre, when I cant? Even their call centre says this is wrong. Saying that the retail website is STILL saying its available.

  • redrum217uk
  • over 4 years ago

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