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One.Tel's coming to a town near you

One.Tel, one of the recent winners of the BT Wholesale marketing grants of £200,000 have announced their plans to go touring around the country demonstrating what broadband can do for you.

The real issue with broadband penetration is a 'chicken and egg' problem. Until real broadband content is developed, many don't see the point in subscribing to such a service, and until enough subscribers exist, content is scarce. One.Tel is trying to push their own partnerships with MTV and other content providers to persuade users to upgrade.

The events are taking place in large shopping centres (venues to be confirmed) so by definition they will be near cities which are more likely to get broadband. One.Tel also point out that these large shopping centres will attract customers from further afield and they will be advising those out of reach on how to campaign to get their exchange enabled. [seb]


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