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BT announces Black Friday sale prices

Black Friday love it or loathe it is a part of the UK retail scene now, and 2016 has seen Amazon already start is sale which is running from 14th November to the 25th and will of course then by followed by Cyber Monday.

Unusually BT Consumer has announced its pricing for the period 22nd November to 29th November in a press release with headline pricing of £22.99/m for unlimited ADSL2+ with unlimited Weekend and Evening calls. Unlimited Infinity 1 at £27.99/m or you can add the BT TV Entertainment package for another £2/m.

These prices are only slightly lower than the recent affiliate offers that we just updated with an offer that ends on the 21st November, prices have increased for a short while to £24.99/m on ADSL2+ for example, but the offer we removed had unlimited ADSL2+ at £23.49/m.

The explanation we suspect is that the BT press release is referring to the BT standard pricing i.e. not via any affiliate links and ADSL2+ is currently £29.99/m and unlimited Infinity 1 is £39.99/m if you end up on one of those pages. It is thus possible that the affiliate offers may be even lower, but we don't know yet as those offers have not been communicated. The other gotcha is what size of BT Reward Card will be attached to the offers during the sale period, at £75 and £125 currently we are at the higher end but plenty of scope for going higher, or they may adopt a simple no cashback/reward offer with low prices instead strategy.

The ASA/Ofcom advertising rule changes has dampened the broadband offer cycle somewhat, this may be down to establishing a new baseline for comparison for future offers and the timing of the rule change coming so close to what has in previous years proved a good time to find the best deals.


And I bet none of these 'offers' will be available to existing customers. I recently tried to sign up for the BT Infinity 1 unlimited offer at £28.49/month with £59.99 setup fee. Was refused, and when I challenged BT's Customer Relations the best they could offer me was £40/month. For existing customers not to be offered the same monthly rate (less any incentives) as new ones, what is the point of loyalty? Needless to say I am in the process of switching from BT...

  • keith969
  • over 2 years ago

A couple of months ago I checked the offers page under MyBT and have gone from ADSL2+ at £30/month to Infinity 2 at £22/month ( for 18 months ) so I'm surprised you didn't get a better offer than £40/month.

  • Pendlemac
  • over 2 years ago

So was I - I have been with Infinity 2 for 18 months but the speed has never been better than 40Mb/s. And for that I currently pay £18.99 line rental and £32.50 for broadband. That's £51.49/mo! But their CR person insisted £40/mo was the best they could do. Bye bye BT.

  • keith969
  • over 2 years ago

Since when has Black Friday been over a week :(.

  • uniquename
  • over 2 years ago

My contract is up next month with PlusNet so think I will grab a BT deal, unless PN match it that is. Currently paying £42 p/m :(

  • astateoftrance
  • over 2 years ago

You say "Black Friday love it or loathe it is a part of the UK retail scene now".
No it isn't, not if you ignore it completely, along with other imported American rubbish like haloween.

  • Teefenn1
  • about 1 year ago

With all the rubbish we import from the USA, I wonder whether HMG has thought of applying for Statehood when we leave the EU? Donald Trump does have more charisma than Jean Claude Junker.

  • RichBeardman
  • about 1 year ago

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