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Fast business park in Herefordshire set to go even faster

Skylon Park at the south east edge of Hereford is set to see gigabit services available via ITS Technology Group as the result of an agreement between the group and Herefordshire County Council.

"We, with council backing, have already invested in ducting, around 4.5 km so far, in preparation for fibre based broadband services to be installed.

ITS will add to that network, and install fibre through it to provide services to customers.

Businesses need superfast and ultrafast broadband if they are to compete with other companies across the globe.

It helps level a playing field for our investors, many of whom are dealing in complex and sensitive information, which they need to share across multiple sites around the UK and the world in different time zones. They simply cannot wait for hours to download or upload data.

Bill Jackson, Chairman of the Enterprise Zone

Speeds of 30 Mbps through to Gigabit via a FTTP deployment are set to be available, and the park already seems to have good FTTC coverage via several cabinets installed in the business park as part of the BDUK projects and we are seeing the odd speed test from an Airband customer with upload speeds above what VDSL2 can offer. Of course like other business premises around the UK ethernet and leased line services are available. Though costs of around £900/m for 100 Mbps guaranteed and rising to over £6000/m if you need a guaranteed symmetric 1000 Mbps, lower prices are available e.g. 300 Mbps with burst to 1000 Mbps is £2,400/m will only appeal to businesses where Internet access is critical to day to day operations. We assume then that the driver is that ITS Technology Group are aiming to significantly undercut existing Ethernet type pricing. For those consumers with Gigabit connections the business price for Gigabit may be a shock, but Ethernet/leased line services can very different guarantees as to the performance at peak times, hence the higher pricing.


It's a great pity that the same Council also gave BT a grant to install FTTC in advance of ITS pretty much pulling the rug from under their business. The same council who have havered over this issue for the last 10 years. I understand they also delayed ITS project by reducing their lease time, dropping the grant funding and generally messing them around. Hence, unfortunately, local business on the Skylon have lost faith and gone elsewhere.

However what should we expect from a corrupt council that have taken 25+ years to decide they might build a bypass one day.

  • andytruelove
  • over 2 years ago

strange that they can find the money for this and to build new roads to nowhere and yet can not find the money to clean up this dump of a city, that have plants growing in the middle of some roads.
As for a bypass, it will make no difference what so ever.

  • zyborg47
  • over 2 years ago

andy -- not correct I think if this was part of the BDUK area and was determined as being in scope and met the counties VFM criteria it would have been built as part of the county project -- so to intimate there was a grant for FTTC for this specific site is highly misleading

  • fastman
  • over 2 years ago

Not sure where you got your leased line pricing from. I just ran some quotes on for HR26JJ in the middle of Sklon Park. 100Mb came in at £379 p.m. and Gig at £1032 p.m, both with free install. These are dedicated, uncontended, symmetrical circuits on 36 month term.

  • Elanman47
  • over 2 years ago

Gig guaranteed as opposed to 100 bursting to 1000 comes in at a range of £19,000 to £100,000 per year.

So yes used figures at the higher end, but it is possible the lower quotes may actually be a result of one of those providers selling using ITS fibre.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 2 years ago

Andrew. The quotes I generated were in the range £12.4 - £84K per year for full uncontended Gig guaranteed with no burst. None were using ITS. We are agreed on the huge range of prices out there but in a falling market it is very easy to beat historic expectations.

  • Elanman47
  • over 2 years ago

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