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EE adds £1/m to prices as it launches all-in-one pricing

The new ASA rules governing how broadband and line rental should be advertised are now just a few days away and there are still numerous providers to yet announce their changes, for all those we list we have for some time been showing inclusive pricing.

EE is the latest to switch today but while the inclusive pricing will mean less mental arithmetic their is a £1/m rise in the prices, which is due to the retail price of the line rental rising from £17.50/m to £18.50/m. Another difference appears to be that the line rental saver option may have vanished, certainly if it still exists it is a lot less prominent than previously.

It was always a forlorn hope, but some were still hoping that the new rules would mean lower prices, so far the indications are the normal annual price rises are taking place (even when underlying wholesale line rental [WLR + LLU] and broadband port pricing is not rising). We suspect that the rules requiring all inclusive pricing may also mean that for a period of time special offers will be slightly lack lustre as the limits of what is and is not acceptable to the ASA and CAP are explored.

For those who thought UK broadband and telephone pricing was difficult to navigate we recommend a trip to a US home and ask to see their phone and broadband bill, where advertised prices don't include sales tax, because this varies from state to state along with other charges which cover things like the Universal Service Fund.


LR saver is available.

  • Apilar
  • over 2 years ago

I think the ASA got it wrong. They should have required provider to give the line rental and the usage, etc prices as both a total and a breakdown with equal prominence so it is clear to users what they are paying and what for. Now all they know it s a 'total' without knowing what they are actually paying for.

  • michaels_perry
  • over 2 years ago

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