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CityFibre makes three more cities Gigabit enabled

The poor state of broadband available for business use, or perhaps more correctly while Gigabit and faster is available to business it is at a price most don't want to pay is an increasingly reported problem. Step forward CityFibre who have added another three cities to its list fourteen Gigabit cities.

Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster are the latest additions via a 110km network that is in partnership with Exa Networks and means businesses will shortly have access to cheaper Gigabit pure fibre services in those areas.

The mantle of a Gigabit City is based on the model CityFibre operate by, where often local government and public sector contracts underpin a network in an area, followed by business use then the incremental revenue from servicing mobile networks and the one that everyone wants to know about FTTH.

Alas the FTTH stage 4 has only had a limited trial in York and no evidence of it expanding beyond the original trial site, but that may not matter as it provides enough ammunition for BT Group competitors to use it in their case for a full split. The problem being that the existence and growing presence of CityFibre goes against any need for a split since it appears the commercial model is solving problems in at least some areas, the key being how to get to the point where the vast majority of the UK will have two or decent fixed line options or do we accept that a large chunk of the UK will always be a monopoly in this respect.


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