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BDUK publishes latest premises passed and cost information

The BDUK team over at DCMS has issued its latest quarterly update on the number of premises where superfast broadband is now available as part of the BDUK scheme, and also the amount of grant funding from Westminster to the councils and devolved administrations. IMPORTANT The BDUK team does take into account available speeds, i.e. line length so premises connected to a VDSL2 cabinet but on a long line will not appear in the figures.

There has been a noticeable slow down since March 2016, which is we believe largely down to a concerted effort by BT in the roll-outs to hit the 90% target at the end of the 2016 financial year. Also as projects switch between phase I and phase II roll-outs there may be a slight gap, both from planning and a shift in focus from almost exclusively VDSL2 based to a higher mixture of FTTP and the extra work involved with infill cabinets and exchange only lines.

Cumulative to end of: Premises with superfast broadband service made available BDUK funding (£) Number of premises covered per £million of broadband delivery programme expenditure
December 2012 254 £434,735 584
March 2013 16,638 £6,767,185 2,459
June 2013 38,343 £6,767,185 5,666
September 2013 111,968 £10,347,568 10,821
December 2013 273,731 £14,182,547 19,301
March 2014 508,801 £58,586,408 8,685
June 2014 888,113 £72,437,233 12,260
September 2014 1,383,777 £99,766,011 13,870
December 2014 1,908,725 £252,084,918 7,572
March 2015 2,411,395 301,444,870 7,999
June 2015 2,905,764 £331,828,330 8,757
September 2015 3,311,843 £372,153,178 8,899
December 2015 3,625,369 £406,918,848 8,909
March 2016 3,840,643 £476,742,422 8,056
June 2016 4,021,047 £492,573,929 8,163

IMPORTANT The figures do NOT include premises that may now be on a VDSL2 cabinet but data shows speeds of under 24 Mbps are all that is achievable, also if a cabinet overlaps with commercial coverage (e.g. Virgin Media) then those premises are not included either.

A common complaint when using the internationally recognised concept of premises passed is that not everyone can order as soon as VDSL2 cabinets are since they are not built with their full compliment of line cards, we suspect this was an option for Westminster and the various projects but would have come with a higher cost. As the contracts stand if a BDUK gap funded cabinet needs new line cards, or in some cases a second VDSL2 cabinet this is solely funded by Openreach.

Tracking what BT and all the other providers deliver and whether the positive PR spin has any basis in reality is why we run our own coverage model.


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