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Sky Fibre Pro is now Sky Fibre Max as price drops by £5

Sky Fibre Pro was never a big seller, but for those who wanted a static IP address it used to provide an option in the pro-sumer arena, the price drop today of £5/m and a renaming to Sky Fibre Max means that anyone now joining the up to 76 Mbps service will not have the static IP option. Existing Sky Fibre Pro customers are unaffected.

The service is still only available for ordering over the telephone and when you combine the £25/m with the voice line rental it is £42.40 per month on a 12 month contract, which is going to keep the sales volumes low and also means visibility will probably be near zero on many comparison sites but we suspect Sky is keeping this policy so it can handle speed expectations, i.e.. if you are an existing Sky Fibre customer getting lower than 38 Mbps from the existing service there is no point in upgrading, since the up to 38 Mbps and up to 76 Mbps are based on the same identical technology.

With the £0 line rental offers from Vodafone its up to 76 Mbps service is just £28/month on an 18 month contract. We have scoured the Vodafone website and 130 pricing document and cannot find any indications that line rental or broadband price will increase after the minimum contract period, and given the relative size in terms of fixed line customers a low price land grab is to be expected if they are to rise to compete with providers such as EE and Plusnet.


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