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New Plusnet ADSL2+ offer plus reminder on price rises

With just a month to go until 1st September we need to highlight the price changes on the way for existing Plusnet customers and those who may sign up, particularly as their is a new ADSL2+ offer of free broadband for 12 months plus line rental and £50 cashback that has just started.

The price changes are detailed on the Plusnet website and also affect some legacy products no longer sold. Customers affected should have been emailed about the changes that come into effect on 1st September 2016.

  • Line rental increasing from £16.99/m to £17.99/m
  • If you have an Evening and Weekend call plan now, price will increase from £3 to £3.50 per month
  • If you have an Anytime call plan now, price will increase from £6 to £6.50 per month
  • New customers joining after 1st September will pay £4/m for an Evening, Weekend and Mobile call plan
  • New customers joining after 1st September will pay £8/m for an Unlimited UK and Mobile call plan
  • Call setup fee increases from 16p to 19p
  • Calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers to rise from 10p per minute to 12.54p
  • Mobile call charges to decrease from 13p per minute to 12.54p
  • Engineer charge to increase from £50 to £65
  • Existing customers on Unlimited broadband (with no voice line rental via Plusnet) will see price increase by £1/m
  • Existing customers on legacy Essentials and Value broadband with phone packages will see a broadband price increase of £1/m

Price rises are never popular, but for long term Plusnet customers who are not looking to move the best bet would be to lock in the voice line rental pricing by moving onto the line rental saver product, and you may also want to check your phone bills to check whether any call bundle is value for money based on your call pattern.

One thought is that if later in the year advertising rules change to make total cost of ownership over a contract period something that has to be shown prominently then periods like this where the TCO price is changing daily as the 1st September edges closer are going to cause lots of problems.


Announcing price rises whilst your network is experiencing extreme unreliability is not a good idea.
Seriously thinking about using the escape option to switch provider and I've only been with plusnet 6 months.

  • stator
  • over 2 years ago

I was gonna go back but went to infinity instead - so glad i did

  • ZenUser27
  • over 2 years ago

@stator - Meh it's not like Plusnet's the only one who's ever increased the cost of its service whilst struggling difficulities...

Actually, you ever thought that the reason for the rise is to cover the cost of providing a service too so many...

Too many people seem to forget what there paying for when it comes to Broadband in the UK.... pay little expect little.

  • mlmclaren
  • over 2 years ago

@mlmclaren - have to agree -I've had FREE broadband from Plusnet for the last two years and have just negotiated another 12 months free on a 18 month contract! No wonder the line rental and calls go ever upwards.

  • over 2 years ago

I minimse my costs by paying Annual Line rental saver on a legacy deal which gives me free evenings and weekend calls and use 18185 for the odd daytime call.

  • over 2 years ago

I don't mind a small price rise but when you log a fault on sunday and your still waiting for a response 3 days later it takes the biscuit

  • 2doorsbob
  • over 2 years ago

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