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Virgin Media talks business connectivity with Project Lightning

Business broadband users have been becoming more vocal over being missed out from low cost good broadband on business parks, often with only the choice of ADSL or an expensive leased line and almost nothing in between. Step forward Virgin Media to the rescue as it is promising as part of its Project Lightning expansion to connect tens of thousands of businesses to its network.

The first business parks to benefit have now been announced with the Portway and Walworth Business Parks in Andover, Hampshire parks benefiting as some of the 9,000 business premises that will gain the option of a Virgin Media up to 300 Mbps connection in the next 6 months.

"High bandwidth and affordable broadband is an essential utility for everyone. Businesses on traditional commercial areas seem to have been left behind as the rollout of next generation access broadband is taking place across Test Valley. “We’re delighted Virgin Media Business has chosen Andover because of its continuing growth potential. This is the perfect opportunity for businesses to register their interest in a new broadband service for Andover so I would urge businesses to take advantage of this."

Test Valley Borough Council’s Economic Portfolio Holder, Councillor Peter Giddings

Some business parks have benefited from the BDUK projects and in areas with extra EU funding there is a higher chance of FTTP on business parks, add to this the work of providers such as WarwickNet and the ever expanding Gigabit City scheme by CityFibre and there should be many more options for businesses seeking to improve their broadband or those trying to cut back on expenditure on their Internet connection by paying less for their broadband by downgrading from expensive leased lines. Though a warning for businesses looking to save money by dropping a leased line, many of the cheaper options do not carry the same bandwidth and uptime guarantees, therefore if not having broadband for a day would be a disaster you should ensure backup connections are in place to allow business to carry on.


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