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How long is a piece of string?

Ulverston had its visit from Malcom Starke, the Broadband Deployment and Strategy manager from BT yesterday (31st July) and the meeting hasn't brought much cheer.

Paul Buck has reported that BT said the exchanges that don't have their triggers specified yet can expect the figures to be set in the next 10 days. The bad news is the triggers will be between 400 and 600, which for the smaller exchanges means it will be a very long time before this level is reached.

BT also has given some indication of timetables, they expect that most triggers will not be reached until Christmas 2002 at the earliest - this doesn't seem unreasonable if the same rate of growth can be maintained. The problem is that once the order phase of 6 weeks starts if the 75% order level is reached an exchange build will still take around another four months.

The upshot of all this is that it looks like it may be June 2003 before the first new exchanges get enabled - one wonders what has happened to the small DSLAM product that is rumoured to be appearring in the Autumn of 2002. At present BT certainly is not doing much to put down the talk that the whole registration scheme is a smoke screen while BT delay the rollout of ADSL, at least nothing that is publically visible.


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