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WiFi operator aspires to solve Rotherhithe broadband woes

There is a chance that a new WiFi operator called BWiFi may bring some relief to residents and businesses in Rotherhithe who do not have a decent broadband connection available to them and 4G services are too expensive per Gigabyte for constant use.

The operator is new to the market and expected to launch a service in July limited to the first 500 customers. Details are a little sketchy, but for home use two packages are available with 50 Mbps download speeds for £18 per month and a £55 hardware fee or one with a 24 month contract and free hardware. The VoIP service that starts at £9 per month this may or may not be optional as the WiFi service is described as coming with a telephone number, and there are even hints of a TV service. A business service with 75 Mbps speeds is on the cards too.

Their website will hopefully improve quickly as too many links and pages are dead or clearly just initial holding text needing lots more detail e.g. what are the upload speeds and the unlimited downloads does this come with a fair use policy or not. Even the technology side is not clear for now, since there is clearly hardware in the basic package, but elsewhere it talks about buying a Home Router from the shop.

Of course all new firms have birthing issues so hopefully if these are ironed out residents and businesses in Rotherhithe still stuck with slow exchange only lines will have this new option and competition always tends to breed more competition.


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