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More offers for the future - maybe.

ZDNet UK has an interesting item on BSkyB teaming up with BT Retail to offer a discount on BT Retail's no-frills ADSL package. Exactly how much of a discount is unknown at this time, but a full launch is expected by the end of the year.

The no-frills service won't appeal to everyone, but with the backing of BSkyB it should be advertised heavily and is likely to help push the awareness of ADSL and broadband. One big plus for BSkyB - if the house has a single phone line then by using ADSL, the phone line is once again free for interactive satellite services - or even better they could provide an adaptor to allow the interactivity to work over the ADSL.

BT Retail are thinking very large though, they hope to have 50% of the ADSL market by next summer. This all depends on how price sensitive the market is and how retiscent users are to give up existing email addresses.


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