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WarwickNet to brings its superfast broadband to Minworth Industrial Estate

Duct sharing is not used much yet in the UK but WarwickNet is one of the providers making use of the existing PIA system and is in the final month or two of bringing its up to 100 Mbps business services to some 100 companies operating at Minworth Industrial Estate.

"PIA was introduced by Ofcom back in 2010 in order to allow ISPs such as ourselves use existing infrastructure to improve internet connections for businesses across the country.

Although the technology has been available for more than five years, WarwickNet is one of only a handful of ISPs to deploy it commercially – and Minworth Industrial Estate will be the first site in the area to benefit.

We’ll also be introducing Sub-Loop Unbundling to the site, which will connect our customers’ premises to a fibre-enabled WarwickNet cabinet.

Both solutions should see organisations across the business park experience faster broadband speeds as soon as they connect."

Mark Hitchcock, senior business development manager at WarwickNet

The ability for WarwickNet to bring fast services to areas where Openreach have not helps to illustrate why the default action of many to complain to Openreach may not be the best course of action particularly for smaller areas where a more custom solution is required.


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