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Gigabit is go for Salford council housing

Salford which is in the midst of a variety of investment and regeneration projects looks set to gain Gigabit broadband from Hyperoptic. As part of the Salford Council's Digital Together campaign a supply deal has been reached that will see Hyperoptic roll-out its Fibre to the Building service to thousands of homes that comprise the council housing portfolio in Salford.

"We offer a compelling and innovative alternative for council’s that want to future proof their buildings with broadband infrastructure that will stand the test of time. Gigabit connectivity enables limitless opportunities – it supports and exceeds the government’s digital by default initiative. The UK is fast becoming a gigabit nation - we have pioneered this shift and we are delighted that Salford Council has taken the leap to become the first council to offer its residents world-class connectivity."

Dana Tobak, MD, Hyperoptic

The full range of Hyperoptic services will be available, from the entry level 20 Mbps service to the 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps symmetric products and they will be available on a contract free basis, removing the worries some may have about committing to a 12 month contract. There will also be a free 100 Mbps service covering communal areas.

The installation is already underway in Beech Court, Salix Court, Thorn Court, Spruce Court, Holm & Plane Court, Whitebeam, Hornbeam and Malus Court with the service due live in summer 2016.

Our digging reveals that Salix Homes took over ownership of Salford City Council housing stock after a vote in 2014 and this comprises some 8,300 premises and if this is all the premises that Hyperoptic are rolling out to then it means Salford will reach between 8 and 10% FTTH coverage by the summer with the current Hyperoptic coverage sitting at around 2% in Salford.


This is good news, it seems they are installing in flats that are being renovated with the external cladding and internal works

However I hope they backtrack and go into blocks that have already been done, we've had a poster for months that Hyperoptic is coming to our block but no word yet when it's happening

  • Damohtc
  • over 2 years ago

@Damohtc - we are installing into other types of buildings too - happy to give you a progress update for your block, please DM your details via the forum and we'll follow up.

  • Hyperoptic
  • over 2 years ago

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