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£50 reward on ADSL2+ and £100 for Infinity orders at BT Retail

The BT Reward cards have increased in value again, the latest burst only runs until the end of 9th March 2016 and applies to new BT customers ordering online.

The £100 reward cards are available on all the BT Infinity (FTTC/FTTP) products and after having no reward offer for a short while the ADSL2+ services have a £50 reward.

BT Infinity 2 with its up to 76 Mbps downloads speeds also has £5/month lopped off its standard price of £30/month for the 12 month contract and of course there is the £17.99/month voice line rental charge.

The BT Mobile SIM only deals have also changed, with the main promotion being a £2/month reduction on the 2GB 4G Data SIM (unlimited texts and 500 minutes of calls) so for existing BT customers the price is £8/month, non-BT customers £13/month in the 12 month contract period (SIM offer ends on 21st March 2016).


No doubt those non bb and non tv BT customers will be subsidising these offers in the next round of price hikes on line rental and call fees

  • tommy45
  • over 2 years ago

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