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EuropaSat announces first 1,000 superfast satellite connections

Wales appears to a place where the satellite broadband voucher scheme is working as Europasat have sent around the announcement that they have the first 1,000 live connections up and running via the scheme that in theory gives people superfast broadband.

"We loved the beautiful rural location of our office, but being situated over ten miles from the BT exchange meant that we had to suffer broadband download speeds of around 300 Kbps, which seriously slowed down how fast we could offer services and respond to customers. We thought that we would have to move, but then we discovered that we could install a satellite broadband service and get it funded by Welsh Assembly Broadband Support Scheme to boot!"

Lindsay Barton, Golden Kite Solutions Ltd, small business in Powys

Wales as a whole has ran several broadband voucher schemes over the last few years, which may partly explain a higher take-up than say West Yorkshire where apparently out of 25 vouchers handed out only 5 have been used. The details of the Europasat scheme in Wales is at

Satellite based connectivity which is seen to have a latency of 800ms is not ideal for every online task and certainly players of Call of Duty and similar games will find play impossible, but email, video streaming and the vast majority of websites should be fine. Perhaps the biggest hindrance is the usage limits, which are a factor of the cost and time to launch more satellites into the correct orbit.


Poor sods. I'm sure our thoughts will be with them over the coming years :(

  • AndrueC
  • over 3 years ago

Are they actually giving superfast speeds?
The EuropaSat website only offers up to 20Mbps for its two cheaper packages and up to 30Mbps for the fastest.

  • chilting
  • over 3 years ago

Isn't that last one superfast, then?

  • WWWombat
  • over 3 years ago

If they are actually getting 30Mbps, yes, but I guess we will have to look at the speed test results over the short and long term.
Also the upload hardly offers a superfast experience.

  • chilting
  • over 3 years ago

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