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New offers from BT Consumer on Unlimited ADSL2+ and Infinity broadband

BT Consumer just expired its last set of prepaid MasterCard offers and the new offers only have a reward of £50 on the Unlimited BT Infinity 2 service, which is also at a lower price than usual of £25/month + £17.99/month line rental versus the standard £30/month + £17.99/month line rental for 12 months on a 12 month contract. In addition to the higher speeds which are up to 76 Mbps downloads and up to 19 Mbps uploads the Infinity 2 services come with free activation and setup which saves you £49 for a new connection compared to Infinity. The offer is only available online and expires on 10th February 2016.

For those on a budget or cannot get Infinity 1 or 2 products, the unlimited ADSL2+ service is on offer at £5/month + £17.99/month line rental, and unlimited Infinity 1 (up to 38 Mbps downloads) is £10/month + £17.99/month. The extra £2.50/month price reduction trickles down to all the BT TV services too.

For those who hate landlines there are the SIM only deals where the only special offer is on the 20GB 4G data SIM (with unlimited texts and calls) which is £16/month for 12 months for existing BT Broadband customers, or for those without BT Broadband £21/month for 12 months, a saving of £5/month.


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