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Sky Broadband Shield to be on by default for new customers in 2016

In early 2016 Sky is set to change the settings on its Sky Broadband Shield network based Parental Controls to set them to be on by default for new customers. The initial setting will be 13 until 9pm each day, with settings relaxing to the 18 setting at 9pm, so not unlike the classic watershed of mainstream TV.

The Default On scenario will ensure that new customers quickly become aware of the control options and can set the control appropriately for their household. On a new Sky connection people should be informed that the Shield is on and the option to change the setting for whoever has the Sky portal login will be presented. While the initial connection redirection should be obvious in web browsers for app based access it is possible the connection may appear broken.

The Sky parental controls are used in one form or another by 62% of those who have joined the provider since the controls launched, though there does not appear to be a breakdown of what levels households are selecting, so the 62% may include those who have simply left the control running but only blocking malware sites.


This could certainly get interesting.

  • alexatkinuk
  • over 2 years ago

Is this changed timed for the completion of the transition of the Sky network to IPV6 - well ahead of the rest of the pack. What other changes, to protect customers from abuse, will this enable Sky to implement?

  • PhilipVirgo
  • over 2 years ago

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