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Free gift or £100 reward on Sky TV bundles

While the standard Sky ADSL2+ unlimited broadband service is having a rare period at full price the TV bundles have a choice of gift to make signing up feel a bit easier.

The Original, Variety, Family, Sky Sports and Complete bundles are until the 17th December offering you a choice of one item from a long list of rewards, i.e. a free LG 32" TV, LG Soundbar, Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet, 10 movies from the Buy & Keep store or a £100 Amazon gift certificate.

The Sky Movies bundle is clearly the package they want people to buy as it comes with reward options of the other bundles plus the TV package is half price for six months at £18.50 per month then £37 per month and for the 12 month contract you can have free Sky Broadband Unlimited too. If you take the free broadband element there is of course the Sky line rental to pay at £17.40 per month.


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