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50GB extra data on Vodafone Pay as you Go big bundles

Order a free SIM from Vodafone with a top-up before the end of 30th November 2015 and you will get 50GB of extra 3G/4G data. If you order a £20 or higher top-up you will also get a choice of a £10 Gift Card.

The cheapest top-up is £10 which gives you unlimited UK texts, 150 minutes of UK calls and 500MB of 4G data, the sale adds an extra 50GB of data that will expire at the end of the 30 days the top-up is valid for. £15 gets you an extra 100 minutes of calls and 1GB data plus the 50GB of free data. A £20 top-up means 500 minutes of UK calls, unlimited texts, 2GB of 4G data the bonus 50GB and a £10 gift card.


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