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£75 cash back and 12 months free unlimited ADSL2+ from Plusnet

  • Wednesday, November 25, 2015 11:32 AM

For those looking to move their ADSL2+ broadband to Plusnet things just became a lot more attractive price wise, as in addition to the existing 12 months free broadband there is now £75 cash back available for anyone ordering online before 1st December 2015.

The unlimited ADSL2+ service is based on a 12 month contract, with you just needing to pay the voice line rental at £16.99 per month, which the £75 cash back will soften. The line rental does not include any free phone calls other than to other Plusnet phone customers, but you can add various call bundles to avoid unexpectedly large phone bills.

After the minimum contract period the price of the ADSL2+ will rise to £9.99 per month, or if outside the Plusnet low cost area the monthly price will be £17.49 per month. Cash back should be claimed once you receive an email from Plusnet after the service is live.


Plusnet sales must be getting pretty desperate if they are making offers like this!

  • jelv
  • over 3 years ago

Don't see it as an offer - Nearly £35 at end of offer with no call package in my Market one area and a long contract. £3 more buys me fibre with my ISP including line rental and no tie-in. Suppliers need to be judged on the regular price ans customer service.

  • professor973
  • over 3 years ago


Two points...
(1) Lots of people *are* in low cost areas, so after a year when this Plusnet offer ends it'd be £27 a month.
(2) The current market rewards those who shop around - so after a year when the deal expires, there's no need to just stick with them and pay up - either switch to another provider with a good offer, or get onto Plusnet retentions and see what they can offer you (by comparing with the other offers out there).

I grant you the chase for a new offer after 12 or 18 months seems a bit tedious, but for those willing to play the game it can pay off.

  • binary
  • over 3 years ago


Three points...
(1) Read my post again and you will see I said I would pay 'Nearly' £35 per month on my Market 1 exchange after 12 months. I think you will find £16.99 + £17.49,is nearer £35 than £27!
(2) I also stated that the near £35 would not include a call package. Considering the scandalous BT style call connection fee, per minute billing and high call charges, all things I avoid, one would also need to add a call package if you made more than a very few calls - With other bits & bobs the total would equal my 80/20 contract free fibre

  • professor973
  • over 3 years ago

(3) One would have to chance that Plusnet don't cock up the connection when switching - I have been there, done that and got the T-shirt. I remember the Plusnet reign of terror well, when the switch hooked me to another persons line. 7 days to answer a ticket and nearly as long a phone, customer service that knew very little (with the exception of those that dropped in here), I think I can say nothing has changed for the better, which is being as kind as I can.

  • professor973
  • over 3 years ago

I took this offer and yes the switch over was a shambles initially somehow they managed to do my phone but forgot the broadband! Anyway all working well now, plus my ping rate has halved and the service cost is now a fraction of what I was paying to BT. Just had my cash back offer as well so all in all I can't grumble yet.

  • DallasDad
  • over 3 years ago

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