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BTWholesale is listening.

Contrary to some peoples ideas, it appears that BT Wholesale is trying to get the new demand tracking system running smoothly.

Rebecca Webster from BT Wholesale has informed us that the tracker should update in almost 'real time' now (around 10 - 20 minutes) from the time the ISP enters data into the BT systems. Also at present there is no simple bulk upload tool, ISPs are entering data one user at a time - BT are looking into a tool to allow bulk data entry.

BT also has responses to some of the other complaints leveled at them:

  • Advertising of the scheme - they are wanting to iron out all the bugs first, and once it is running smoothly, which is starting to happen then advertising will happen.
  • The problems with navigation of the Wholesale site are recognised - the site itself is due a new facelift towards the end of July. The aims of the new site are a more regional focus to the data and improved ease of use.
  • BT is aware that not all service providers are taking part in the scheme, in some cases providers are just collecting for their own internal mailing lists and not passing information to BT Wholesale. Discussions are due to talk place in the next week with Service Providers over this, the aim of the meeting to clarify the problems service providers have with the scheme and raise awareness.
  • On the issue of BT Wholesale running the scheme themselves, there are various reasons: Data Protection issues, perception that if Wholesale has the info it will be cross marketed within BT and that BT Wholesale doesn't have a call centre equiped to deal with the volume of enquiries. It is worth adding that if BT Wholesale were to satisfy the Data protection and cross marketing issue, they would still have to recover the costs of the call centre which would mean an increase in the wholesale price of DSL - why? Because BT Wholesale is a regulated business and can't just write off the costs.


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