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Gigaclear to roll-out FTTP to 4,000 premises in Hertfordshire

Gigaclear has network construction happening at various places across the southern half of the UK and with three rural broadband project contracts under its belt it is not sitting back and relying on gap funding totally. Today has seen the firm announce that its commercial roll-out of Gigabit broadband is set to target another 4,000 premises, this time in Hertfordshire.

ISPreview appears to have a copy of the news, though it is still to make its way onto the Gigaclear website, so we know the core village will be Hunsdon and then spreading out to help areas of Allen’s Green, Eastwick, Gilston Park, Green Tye, High Wych, Much Hadham, Perry Green and Widford.

The effect is that 4,000 premises of FTTP will be around 0.8% of the premises in Hertfordshire, and this a small percentage it will be a very significant change in broadband options for those premises that benefit. The constituency that will be helped is Hertford and Stortford and the Much Hadham exchange is one of those where no cabinets offer a VDSL2 service currently, either commercially or via the BDUK projects.


I wish my village in Hertfordshire had asked for help from Gigaclear back in 2012. As it is, we aren't even in the second round of Connected Counties rollout, so don't have much hope of reaching the USO of 10Mbps by 2020.

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  • over 3 years ago

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