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Clarifying ISDN2 or Home/Business Highway Conversion to ADSL

A topic that should be a lot easier than many users have found, back in the long summer days of June 2002, BT Wholesale launched a new process for managing the migration from Home/Business Highway to ADSL. The process so far seems to have been ignored by ISPs and BT Wholesale has recently re-issued the briefing, partly due to what appears to be lack of interest from ISPs and the confusion that has arisen from users.

A copy of the full text can be read in our ISDN/HH conversion forum.

The new process caters for users wanting to migrate onto a wires-only product - which is an urgent affair since Home 500 will cease to be engineer installed as of 1st August, i.e. only the wires-only variant will be available. The migration process involves the end user applying for the conversion via their ISP when they order ADSL, who then place it as a single order via BT Wholesale. In addition to the normal ADSL activation charges a fee of £27.99 (inc VAT) for the migration process is raised by BT.

Lets hope the ISPs take this new process on board, if they do, it can only further encourage more users to upgrade to ADSL. It is not compulsory for ISPs to take orders for the migration process and in the past some have decided not to. The next few weeks will show which ISPs are interested in users business and have some commitment to helping Broadband Britain to become a reality.


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