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Two months of 100GB of 4G mobile data from EE for £10

EE is running its £10 top-up on a pay-as-you-go SIM and get 100GB for free offer once again.

The offer is pretty simple, register for the Christmas SIM which should arrive a couple of days after registering, then top-up it up with £10 and use this to buy the £10 data pack (which includes you 1GB of data and some calls/texts) and then send a special text message and you will get two months of 100GB of data given to you, in essence spend £10 to get 201GB of data.

The SIM needs to be registered and the top-up take place within a couple of weeks of it arriving, so time it right and it will mean you have lots of spare data over the Christmas holiday period. The SIM does work in 3G/4G tablets or 4G routers, but you will need to use a mobile with the SIM in to send the offer SMS.


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