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VNUnet playing the rural game again

VNUnet is talking in an article published today about the problems with rural broadband rollout. One has to feel sorry for those people who live in cities and still dont have an enabled exchange or those towns that are still to see any ADSL. Perhaps VNUnet takes a common Londoners view that everything outside the M25 is rural with tractors every 50 metres.

The article talks a lot about problems with registration and the problems ISPs are having but doesnt offer users any advice or where to register or even where BTs registration system is located. Perhaps the level of demand would be higher if the majority of the press stopped just complaining but also gave users the information to check for themselves. If you dont know where to register have a look at our Q&A.

Also it seems VNUnet are perpetuating the myth that BT had promised in April to upgrade 500 exchanges, BT had said they were reviewing them, a lot of people hoped this meant more upgrades but alas the review was the process we have now.


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