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B4RN turns on hyperfast broadband in Tunstall

B4RN featured on BBC Breakfast News today as it has launched its Gigabit service in the village of Tunstall adding another 55 premises to its network. The B4RN network serves over 1,000 premises in the most rural parts of Lancashire.

Ironically cabinet 6 on the Kirkby Lonsdale exchange which serves Tunstall was or still is down for getting FTTP delivered by Openreach using gap funding from the Lancashire BDUK project, and this overlapping dates back to the original Open Market Reviews in Lancashire where rather than a formal OMR agreement a gentleman's agreement was reached apparently that has since been ignored.

For those living in Tunstall they probably care very little about these political games and will be rightly enjoying going from 0.5 Mbps to 1 Mbps connections that may be intermittent and the annoying old IPStream Max IP Profile system to enjoying 1000 Mbps fixed speed connections.

We have added the core postcodes for Tunstall to our coverage checker and should point out that the B4RN coverage is not included in the superfast, FTTP and fibre coverage stats yet, but will start to be included once the phase 1 BDUK projects finally hits its 90% superfast coverage goal. This way we are avoiding BT benefiting from the hard work of B4RN as we track towards the national 90% superfast goal, which Lancashire has already passed but its project has a phase 1 higher target set.


It should also be noted that all B4RN services provide symmetric 1,000 Mbps speeds to every property using individual Point-To-Point twin fibres. Once an area has the blown fibre tubes installed, even those properties not wishing to take up a service, have tubes sealed at their boundaries. However many such residents elect to pay the installation fee to protect their property price and as an insurance should there be a serious interruption to their PSTN service.

  • WalterWillcox
  • over 3 years ago

I'm sure those who are in receipt of the services couldn't care less whether they are delivered via point to point or PON, deliver media snobbery is for nerds.

They have world class connectivity regardless which is a very good thing and something us city dwellers that aren't in Hyperoptic covered flats can be justifiably envious of.

  • Dixinormous
  • over 3 years ago

A responsibly - engineered future-proofed design is all that B4RN users expect. I agree that all but a handful will be unfamiliar with the technology but secure in the knowledge that the Community Interest Company are benefitting their communities, which they are legally obliged to do.

  • WalterWillcox
  • over 3 years ago

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